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Aug. 28, 2014

Oregon Spotted Frog Listed Under Endangered Species Act

The Oregon spotted frog will now receive protection under the Endangered Species Act. The small frog was once abundant in the Northwest.

Aug. 27, 2014

Oregon Wolf Pack One Livestock Kill From Its Limit

One of Oregon's wolf packs is one livestock attack away from becoming the first to come under a potential kill order under the state's unique rules.

Aug. 26, 2014

Washington Decision To Kill Wolves Stirs Controversy

The Washington department of Fish and Wildlife says its approval of killing several members of a wolf pack near Spokane came after non-lethal efforts were exhausted.

Biologist: Trapping, Collaring Wolf OR-7 Could Take A While

Biologists trying to put a new GPS tracking collar on Oregon's famous wandering wolf, OR-7, could be camping out in the southern Oregon Cascades for weeks before they are successful.

5 Hunters Face Deer Killing Charges In Oregon

Oregon wildlife officials say five hunters are facing illegal deer killing charges after the head of a freshly killed male deer was found in a vehicle southwest of Pendleton.

Rafting The Dam-Free Elwha

Take a ride on a stretch of the Elwha River in Olympic National Park that's been dammed for more than 100 years.

Aug. 25, 2014

Citizen Review Panel Split On Measure 92

If the vote by a Citizens’ Initiative Review panel is any indication, the arguments will be robust for and against a proposed requirement for labeling of GMO foods.

Oregon’s Famous Wolf To Be Recollared

Biologists plan to recapture and re-collar OR-7, ­Oregon’s famous wandering wolf that is now a settled father of pups.

Aug. 24, 2014

Northwest Researchers Work To Boost Geothermal Power

There’s been a lot of hype around geothermal power, which uses heat from the below the earth’s surface to provide energy. Several Northwest researchers are hoping to push this form of renewable energy forward.

Aug. 22, 2014

Biologists Discover Landlocked Chinook Salmon In Oregon

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologists have discovered the first documented examples of Oregon chinook salmon spawning without swimming to the ocean and back.

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