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July 29, 2014

Gov. Inslee’s Wastewater Plant Tour Highlights Sea Rise Woes

When Washington Gov. Jay Inslee wanted to show the connection between climate change and an unpleasant and costly consequence for his constituents, he decided to tour a sewage treatment plant.

Turning Plastics To Oil In Portland? Maybe Later

Waste Management plans to idle its new plastics-to-oil facility in North Portland. It's only been operating for 16 months, but perhaps not as well as the company had hoped.

Tests On Bees From Mass Die-Off Nearly Done

After an initial delay, the Oregon Department of Agriculture has begun testing bees collected at four Clackamas County sites where entire colonies were found dead last month, ODA spokesman Bruce Pokarney said.

No Fukushima Radiation Detected So Far At Oregon Coast

A crowdsourced effort to test West Coast waters for radiation from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant has its first result from Oregon.

Idaho Suspends Plan For Hired Wolf Hunter

Idaho Fish and Game officials say they're suspending a plan to use a hired hunter to kill wolves until at least November of 2015.

How One Oregon Town Symbolizes Push To Shift Coal Pollution Abroad

The Columbia River town of Boardman, Oregon, is a real-life example of the gulf between President Obama's grand strategy to reduce coal emissions and the reality behind that policy: As the U.S. reduces its own carbon pollution, it is exporting more of it abroad.

Should A Controversial Oregon Timber Harvest Become Regional Model?

The Bureau of Land Management says the Buck Rising timber harvest in Southern Oregon balances healthy forests and a healthy timber economy. Conservation groups say the environmental protections aren’t strong enough.

July 28, 2014

Health Officials Plan Next Steps In Birth Defect Investigation

Investigators still aren’t sure what’s causing a cluster of birth defects in central Washington, where the rate is four times the national average. Health officials met Monday to figure out what to do next.

New Bill Pushes For $50 Million To Restore Columbia River

Two members of Oregon's congressional delegation introduce legislation that would open the door to $50 million in federal funding for Columbia River cleanup projects.

Sea Star Disease Strikes Washington Marine Centers

The disease wreaking havoc on wild sea star populations on the West Coast has struck captive collections on Washington's Olympic Peninsula.

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