Feds Weigh Protecting Orcas In West Coast Waters

NOAA Fisheries said Thursday it would consider a petition by the Center for Biological Diversity seeking to expand the critical habitat for southern resident killer whales.

by AP

A federal agency is weighing whether to protect endangered orcas in the waters off the West Coast.

Possible New Japanese Tsunami Debris Investigated In Washington

April 24, 2014 | by Tom Banse

Investigators Link Bee Die-Off To Unauthorized Hives In Oregon

April 22, 2014 | by Cassandra Profita

New Study: Mercury Found In Sport Fish In Remote Northwest Lakes

April 21, 2014 | by Ashley Ahearn

First Nuisance Sea Lions Of 2014 Killed At Bonneville Dam

April 18, 2014 | by Tom Banse

California Delays Decision On Protecting Gray Wolf

April 16, 2014 | by AP

Endangered Salmon Migrate Via Trucks Around Cracked Dam

April 16, 2014 | by Anna King

A New Western Outlaw: The Bee Rustler

April 15, 2014 | by Ryan Haas

Sportman Group To Picket Native Fish Advocates’ Banquet

April 11, 2014 | by Cassandra Profita

Study: As Logging Declines, Lawsuits Continue

April 11, 2014 | by EarthFix

Saving The Greater Sage Grouse

April 11, 2014 | by Courtney Flatt

Banner Summer On Tap For Ocean Salmon Fishing

April 10, 2014 | by Tom Banse

Oregon Governor Assembles Task Force To Tackle GMOs

April 10, 2014 | by Tracy Loew

Washington Gophers Going On Endangered Species List

April 9, 2014 | by AP

BLM Budget Focuses On Wild Horses, Sage Grouse

April 7, 2014 | by AP

Northwest Researchers Document New Breath-Hold Record For Whales

April 3, 2014 | by Austin Jenkins

Wash. Puts Release Of Hatchery Steelhead On Hold

April 2, 2014 | by Katie Campbell

Ag Industry Rallies to Defeat Oregon Anti-GMO Measure

April 2, 2014 | by Liam Moriarty

U.S.-China Talks On Shellfish Ban Lead To New Testing For Contaminants

March 31, 2014 | by Ashley Ahearn

Fish-Eating Birds To Be Killed At 5 Dams

March 27, 2014 | by Courtney Flatt

Elk Hoof Disease Possibly Linked To Troublesome Bacteria

March 27, 2014 | by The Columbian

After Mosquito Swarms, Southern Oregon Town Plans Prevention

March 27, 2014 | by The World

How More People Buying Guns Equals More Money For Wildlife

March 26, 2014 | by Jessica Robinson

GOP Demands Faster Document Release On Wind Farm Bird Deaths

March 26, 2014 | by AP

Study: Sage Grouse Habitat Slow To Rebound After Fire

March 25, 2014 | by Jessica Robinson

New Microbattery Could Help Track Salmon Through Northwest Rivers

March 24, 2014 | by George Plaven

Enviro Groups Ready To Push Back Against Idaho Wolf Actions

March 24, 2014 | by AP

EarthFix Conversation: 25 Years Later, Scientists Remember The Exxon Valdez

March 24, 2014 | by Ashley Ahearn

Lawmakers Want Gray-Wolf Protections To Stay

March 20, 2014 | by AP

Wildlife Agency May Stop Tracking Wandering Wolf OR-7

March 19, 2014 | by Devan Schwartz

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Developing A Taste For Geoduck In The Northwest

by Ashley Ahearn

The Northwest shellfish industry and local chefs are trying to create a demand for geoducks at home, two months after China banned all shellfish imports from most of the West Coast.

EarthFix Conversations: The Case For Carnivore Conservation

by Amelia Templeton

Oregon State University ecologist William Ripple and a dozen top carnivore biologists make the case in a newly published article that the world’s largest predators are declining -- just as researchers begin to understand their key ecological effects. Here's our interview.

Endangered Species Act Turns 40: A Look At 3 Interesting Debates

by Amelia Templeton

It’s the 40th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act. A primer on three big ideas in conservation biology: triage, minimum viable populations and assisted migration.

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