Podcast: Recording Orcas, Nitrate Contamination From Dairies, Coal Exports And More

Sept. 28, 2012 | EarthFix

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Take a ride with scientists as they try to unlock the secret underwater lives of Puget Sound’s orcas, and find out how ship traffic might be affecting whale behavior. We’ve also got updates on wave power developments, coal exports, water pollution from dairy farms - and more.

Podcast Extras

Here’s a video from the orca research boat with an explanation from Ashley:

“Wow, editing (my) amateur orca video from a rocky boat is making me seasick at my desk. Yes, you can see an orca in this video, but you might want to grab a barf bag. Here, have a laugh on me. We’ll see if I can pull anything useable out of this mess. - Ashley Ahearn”

Also, check out more of our coverage on…

Wave Energy
Coal in the Northwest

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